What's in the box?  Pain.


On the heels of Mulholland, we knew the task at hand.  We set ourselves up with a huge challenge, following a bike that has been universally praised for its ride quality, its finish, its design.  For Dune we went to Frank the Welder again and we set him free.

With our carefully designed geometry in hand, Frank went about designing our tubeset.  Each tube was reviewed with methodical attention to create a ride that is stiff enough to launch you from the start line yet comfortable enough to be ridden year-round for training.  We demanded clearance for 40c tires but also the ability to use 46/36 chainrings.  We required comfort when shouldering the bike during extended run-ups.

Frank manufactured and manipulated every tube on every frame to accomplish each of the objectives and while doing so has created the ultimate cyclocross bike.

Don't hang up your cyclocross bike to ride gravel.  Don't cut corners building a cyclocross bike to allow a gravel bike in your garage.  The geometry we designed is equally at home between the course fencing or lost on b-roads.

Don't settle.


Each frame is composed of the best materials available
  • All aluminum bikes are being made by Frank the Welder in Vermont
  • Custom tubing mixed with US-made bottom brackets, head tubes, and other frame parts
  • Bikes are finished to order, you choose Di2, mechanical, or eTap shifting guides, 1x or 2x front shifting, and colors
  • Bikes have clearance for 40c tires when the UCI isn't on your case
  • Limited to 30 frames in the first batch
  • Frames ship approximately 2 weeks after order confirmation and deposit
  • Bikes will use a 31.6 seatpost35mm front derailleur clamp, a 44mm head tube, 142x12mm rear spacing, 100x12mm front spacing
  • The launch bikes are shipping with an ENVE CX tapered 12mm thru axle fork (1-1/8" to 1-1/2") and a Chris King Inset7 headset


A balance of hole shot straight-line speed, 180* off-camber stability, and all-day exploration comfort, Dune is your go-to when you toe the line or don't know where you'll be going.

52cm Dune

54cm Dune

56cm Dune

58cm Dune