Spooky Cycles found its start in New England in 1992 when a group of straight edge punk friends dissented the current available riding gear that wasn't designed for their type of riding.  As they sat around a table a plan was hatched on a napkin and Spooky was born.

The first bike was The Darkside.  It was steeper and a little taller but with a shorter wheelbase and it was rad, it put Spooky Cycles on the map.

Their ideals dictated the bikes be manufactured in the US, and in 1996 Spooky Cycles added The Mothership to the lineup with a hard-hitting 85mm of travel.

Then things got a little nuts.

Before they knew it they were cranking out nearly 300 frames per month for Spooky as well as other labels.

1998-2000 was a wild time and Spooky Cycles was the most influential brand in mountain biking, but in 2000 the owners walked and the party was over.  At least for the time being.

The disbandment of Spooky left a number of people around the globe without direction.  Spooky represented their lifestyle and it had created its own religion.

A few years later Spooky 2.0 was born.  

The same riders that grew with the original Spooky had began to grow up a bit and found themselves on skinny tires.  The mid-2000's where here and plastic bikes filled the peloton but Spooky knew where the smart money went: aluminum.  Those same ideals that led the original Spooky were still there though and it dictated production remained in the US.

The Skeletor was born.

An aluminum race bike made to topple the best carbon around the world.  Stiff, fast, and durable, it was the ideal privateer race bike that was racking up wins all over the world.

Before anyone knew it Spooky had made a migration to custom bikes in around 2010 which lasted for a few years.  Frank the Welder was once again behind the torch making one frame at a time.  This time though, quietly, the brand stepped down and took its last breath.

Until 2016.

Spooky Cycles is resurrected.  

This time Spooky is taking the best of the past: impeccable craftsmanship, killer stock geometry, customized finishes, limited availability.