Frank the Welder


A humble craftsman whose mastery echoes throughout the cycling world simply began with a passion. Fabricating his first bicycle at 12, young Frank was on his way to creating a reputation that resembles something of folklore. He began a path all his own and almost always on two wheels. From welding early BMX bikes to designing frames at Yeti. He crafted machines rode by greats like Davis Phinney and John Tomac. Credited with countless advancements and working with industry leaders, he’s nothing short of an innovator.  Frank continues this progression fabricating the highest quality handcrafted bicycles.  

Professional accolades aside, he’s simply a great guy who makes great bikes. A genuine ambassador to cycling who hasn’t lost sight of what started it all. Dedicated to quality and performance, derived from fun.

Fortunately our stories merged quite a while back and we couldn’t be more honored.  Frank The Welder is synonymous with Spooky and we're proud to showcase his skill and passion in each and every one of our bikes!