Our Dealers

Our partners aren't chosen by chance.  Dealers around the world have asked to work with Spooky, and while we're flattered by each and every contact, we have to be very intentional with our choices.  With limited capacity and such a specialized product, we're not interested in slinging frames to every street corner, rather supply frames to the most knowledgeable partners in the industry.



Fueled by passion, made to perfection. We will imbue a cycling experience unlike any you've felt before.

Blacksmith Cycle

Toronto, ON

We think of ourselves as dream enablers, allowing our customers to discover their very own "perfect" bike through our ability to leverage great fit, with design, components and geometry consultation that is literally second to no place in the world.


San Mateo and Mountain View, CA

Cognition Cyclery is a premier cycling experience in the Bay Area serving bicycle enthusiasts of all types. We aim to make every cyclist feel at home by offering them only the best in products, service, and professional fitting. 

JB's Bike Shop

Shillington, PA

JB’s Bike Shop in Shillington, Pennsylvania—originally founded in 1998 as JB Mountain Bikes, and one of the earliest Mid-Atlantic Spooky Cycles dealers—is a premier East Coast cycling outfitter catering to a world-wide clientele of all disciplines and abilities.

Kinetic Cycles


Kinetic Cycles has been supporting the Sacramento Cycling Community since 2008. We are the source for all things Cyclocross and Gravel in the Northern California market place, offering customized builds, fittings and service.



Arizona's premier coffee bar and bicycle boutique establishment.


Sydney, Aus

Based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney Australia, Skunkworks Bikes is passionate about helping our customers to build their "dream bike". They do this by sourcing everything from standard off-the-shelf products to exotic and custom-made parts from all over the world.



Based in Singapore, we are a small bespoke bicycle shop in Singapore making for our customers their ultimate custom build!