We ride bikes, just like you.  After a long hiatus, we're back because we couldn't buy the bike we wanted.

Our Mission

We set out to make the best race bike we could.  We chose the best fabricator, the best materials, and we labored over every measurement.  We sweat every angle, every tube diameter, and every butting profile.  We debate chainstay bridge diameters, we make things that seem as simple as brake mounts to finish our frames perfectly.

We do all of this because that's what it takes to make the bike we wanted.  After much planning, we're back, and these bikes are good.  But don't take our word for it, see what others are saying:

What We've Achieved

All of our time has given us something very special

  • Custom tubesets for all of our bikes, designed and modified specifically for us
  • A geometry set giving our riders perfectly neutral yet aggressive handling
  • Carefully designed and meticulously manufactured parts that provide an unmatched level of finish
  • We've partnered with other US-based companies such as Chris King, ENVE, and Colorworks to finish our frames
  • Limited edition, small-batch, ready-made frames that provide the basis for the perfect race bikes