Plan B

Spooky has a long history in the dirt.  After 20+ years playing in the woods it was time to get lost on the trails again, but we needed something new.

It was time for Plan B.

Using what we learned from The Frank we've tweaked, massaged, refined, and updated this new model.  Using a mix of the newest of the new, like Boost 148 spacing, and the best of the classic, like a 73mm threaded bottom bracket, we've created what we feel is the best way to race your way to an XC podium or spend a day railing berms.

This new frame, dreamt from the minds of dirtbags and born in the factory of Frank the Welder has ample clearance for 29.2x4" tires, offers stealth dropper post routing using a 30.9mm seatpost, 44mm headtube, and full housing run to keep your shifting crisp no matter the conditions.

Details Matter

The tubing isn't the bike.  The dropouts aren't the bike.  The custom brake mount isn't the bike.

Each of these details taken alone won't get you to the top of the climb or help you shred any gnar, but add them all up and each of those details reward you with a little bit of magic when it's time to find the hero dirt.


This is where you make it your own.  Select from our range of bright anodized colors - more durable and lighter than paint - anodizing offers more than just visual appeal: it seals the aluminum inside and out from the elements.


Thoughtfully designed geometry to meet the demands of racers.  We've worked hard to ensure that while Plan B will allow you to carve any XC course and carry you to any podium, it's still fun to ride when you don't have a number pinned on.