We Are Spooky.


In 1992 Spooky Cycles set out to build the bike we wanted to ride because no one else made it. In 2016 we returned for that same reason. We returned prepared, and we haven't come alone. After nearly 25 years we've found ourselves and we're recruiting.

We have lived in the shadows, watching, learning, and getting stronger.

Now is our time.



With our carefully designed geometry in hand, Frank went about designing our tubeset.  Each tube was reviewed with methodical attention to create a ride that is stiff enough to launch you from the start line yet comfortable enough to be ridden year-round for training. 

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We won't wax poetic on lateral stiffness and vertical compliance, but we could. The tubeset was chosen specifically for an important purpose as well. A combination of tubes from Dedacciai and US-made dropouts, each one chosen as the perfect ingredient for its purpose.

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Spooky Cycles found its start in New England in 1992 when a group of straight edge punk friends dissented the current available riding gear that wasn't designed for their type of riding.  As they sat around a table a plan was hatched on a napkin and Spooky was born.

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