The Party in the Woods...

Full disclosure, this is my first Grinduro.  My fitness is shit, but the bike is dialed, so I'll bring along a camera and provide the downhill drafts.

The drive down from PDX was both amazing and terrible.  The roads and scenery were impossible to beat but a stereo that gets only Christian channels and has a Bluetooth system that's shit the bed leaves much to be desired for 9+ hours.


T-minus 3 hours or so until the expo opens, at which I'll probably spend too much money on some new shoes or gloves.  But I'll be damned if I miss out on more purple Giros, that just isn't happening again.


Setup: Gas Mask with Ultegra Di2, ENVE M50 rims to King R45D hubs, ENVE cockpit, Schwalbe G-One tires.  It may not be ideal for the rocky timed descent, but otherwise should rock out pretty hard.

I'm seeing a fair number of rigid 29ers which will be super balleúr on the technical stuff but could be a bit of a drag for the other 90%.  I probably should have mounted something like a WTB Nano or similar as the trails around here seem to be dry as a bone.  But you know, new tires a couple of days before 20 hours on the road for one ride is a gamble.